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BIFFY CLYRO Infinity land

BIFFY CLYRO /SCO/ - Infinity land
Dostupné do 14 dnů
Katalogové číslo: z08635
EAN: 0607618023829
Rok vydání: 2004
Hudební styl: Rock | Indie
Celkový čas: 71:42

Seznam skladeb

  • 1."Glitter and Trauma"
  • 2."Strung to Your Ribcage"
  • 3."My Recovery Injection"
  • 4."Got Wrong"
  • 5."The Atrocity"
  • 6."Some Kind of Wizard"
  • 7."Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave"
  • 8."Only One Word Comes to Mind"
  • 9."There's No Such Man as Crasp"
  • 10."There's No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake"
  • 11."The Kids from Kibble and the Fist of Light"
  • 12."The Weapons Are Concealed"
  • 13."Pause It and Turn It Up"
  • 14."Tradition Feed" (Hidden track starting at 24:27 of previous track)